Chef Antony J. BallardA Recipe by Chef Antony J. Ballard


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Pub Steak and Kidney Pie

Pastry 2.5 cups of All Purpose flour
1 tsp salt
1 TBS sugar
2 sticks unsalted butter (Ice cold or frozen)
1 TBS sour cream
1/ 3 cup ice water

In a food processor, mix dry ingredients and blend to incorporate.  
Add butter, machine running until pea size pieces are visible.
Mix sour cream in batches of 3.   Mixing with a fork--do not touch mixture with bare hands.
Incorporate well, divie into 4 balls.   Refrigerate for 1 hour-up to 24 hours.
Remove 15 minutes before rolling.  

3 lbs of marbleized steak   (chuck)
1.5 lbs veal kidneys
2 large onions (caramelized)
2 sprigs thyme

¾ lb Bella mushrooms sliced
1 Beer (Good stout)
8-10 oz Home-made, beef stock
2 TBS tomato paste
Salt and Pepper
3 -4 TBS flour  

Put caramelized onions in heavy skillet turning frequently.   If they become dry, add small amounts of beef stock.   About 30 minutes. Slowly, (do ahead) set aside in a bowl, using same pan, put in olive oil. Get nice and hot, sear until nice and brown.   Transfer to bowl with onions.   Keep pan hot.   Same thing with kidneys and then mushrooms.   Mix all ingredients together.   Dredge with flour and transfer to same skillet.

Deglaze and stir in beef stock, stirring on low heat.   Add tomato paste, salt and pepper, thyme sprigs.   Simmer for one hour stirring occasionally.   (Add more stock if necessary.) Transfer mixture.   Allow to cool completely.   Spoon mixture into oven proof crocks.   Roll out pastry ¼ inch thick.   Cover each dish, crimp and trim.   Eggwash and place in oven until golden brown.   Remove, rest and serve.

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